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2015-11-01 09:00 pm
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sometimes he is roiling; a quiet, desperate rage beneath his skin.
bitterness churning like too much acid in an empty stomach.

in the black of our bedroom he envelopes me.
the weight of him is heavy, and i am drowning.
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2012-11-04 03:45 pm
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poem - "surface tension" - 2007

Lying in this too-small bath,
long legs pushed arrow straight by feet again the porcelain,
I test the buoyancy of my hand
and watch it bob along the surface,
pulling it down into something more dense,
the lack of me surrounded.

White bath bubbles (pretend it's sea foam),
once billowing crests now dissolving,
glide along the curve and jut of my hip
I touch the water with a finger
and surface tension brings into contact
something that is hardly there at all
and someone who is hardly here
at all.
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2012-11-02 12:42 pm
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fic - "softly, softly" (wrestling, CM Punk/AJ Lee)

Title: softly, softly
Summary: Drabble.  A re-telling of Red & Wolf.
Rating:  safe for general audiences
Disclaimer: I mean, obviously.

author's notes:  i don't know how i feel about this one.  most of my writing comes from one or two lines that drift into consciousness, and often times i fail at constructing anything more around them.

i'll try to keep satisfied/just to walk close by your side )